This part of my Genealogy website holds information on my White & Edwards family lines. My father was William Keith White and my mother was Ema Warren Edwards. Now for a little bit about my parents.

William Keith White

My father was born 17 March 1930 in Atlanta, GA. My dad had one brother Emery Sterling White. The William in my father’s name came from his great-grandfather, William Emery White. His middle name came from his great-grandmother, Clarissa Pratt Keith. He grew up in Decatur, Georgia attending Boys High School. After high school, he attended Columbia College in New York City. Dad’s grandmother had taken classes at Columbia. She was a teacher & took continuing education classes during the summer. New York City is where my Dad met my mother. They were married in Durham, North Carolina on 6 January 1949.

Ema Warren Edwards

My mother was born 29 May 1926 in High Point, NC. She lived in High Point until around 1930 when the family moved to Burlington, NC, where her mother’s family lived. My mother was an only child, although she had an older brother who died at birth two years before she was born. I didn’t know about her brother until one day I was in High Point with my grandmother and we were driving past a cemetery. My grandmother said that was the cemetery where my mother’s brother was buried. Imagine my surprise at suddenly finding that Mom had a brother!

Mom grew up in Burlington and after High School, went to Women’s College of the University of North Carolina, in Greenboro, North Carolina. Her father died suddenly during her senior year in college & she had a difficult time. Her father’s brother helped her get a job in New York as a buyer at Lord & Taylor, which is how she ended up in New York. Her grandmother, known as Granny, was not very happy about her moving to New York, telling her to be careful & to basically date only Southern Protestants. Mom said that my Dad was one of two that fit her grandmother’s criteria. The funny thing is his father’s family came to Massachusetts & were there until they moved to Florida after 1880, not exactly Southern. However, his mother’s family were Southern from Georgia & Florida, so I guess he fit Granny’s criteria.

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